Our Philosophy

Dugen Thomas made its mark when a few had access to refined and distinguished denim. We integrate our design philosophy with denim, providing a complete range of fashion basics, aiding our customers to express love for denim and to define their style efficiently. We believe in evolving continuously to meet our customer’s choice range through our contemporary and innovative designs. Our expertise in denim and tailoring jeans in the most efficient way has made our product a wardrobe compulsion.

Dugen Thomas is a boutique jean company, believing in mixing the ingredients of fashion, innovation, and passion in their designs. We believe in delivering latest fashion jeans apparel to our customers worldwide with premium styling, and the best quality and value to our clients.

Dugen Thomas has been on the forefront for introducing and providing the latest and trendiest jeans to the masses. We believe that jeans represent democracy in fashion. Denim is not dressed it is a way of life. Because of our comfortable and trendy designs, Dugen Thomas is a must-have brand for those who demand perfect fit and modern style from their jeans. Dugon Thomas is time-tested collection proving blend of modern designs with a vintage touch.

Denim is a common symbol for ultimate style. When in doubt wear Jeans. The beauty of denim is in its versatility and adaptability; it makes you feel comfortable and sexy.