Our Company

Dugen Thomas is one of the world’s most notable brands in the fashion industry and the ablest boutique jean company. With the immense love, support and affection of our customers we can expand our business around the globe. We aim to elevate the brand into a real global player. Dugen Thomas is recognized internationally for their fresh designs and their fashion innovations.

We Value our Customer

We welcome the jeans lovers to the ultimate store with a variety of jeans and denim off the shelf and customized. As a boutique jean company we believe in jeans being the ultimate style icon. Our brand philosophy lies in connecting with people and concerning for our customers. We attract large customer base with our excellence in producing products of latest fashion trends, this generates the high brand loyalty and elevating Dugen Thomas as leading fashion brand. Dedicated to the craft of making jeans and integrity and reliability of its products Dugen Thomas serves cost-conscious customers.