Hot Denim Trends for Men 2017

What’s hot about the jean trends of 2017? Well, a lot, read on to catch up with the next denim look you’ll want sport.


Today one trend that is making a huge comeback is patched jeans. However, there is more creativity and appeal added to the pieces this time around; it’s nothing like what you have in your wardrobe. More color and variety is evident in the trousers and coats coming out this year.

Embroidered and Decorative Denim

Decorative denim has been there before; embroidered denim is becoming more prevalent with the recent designs. You get a fresh look on your jeans, the decorations are more masculine just to get that out, with wild animals and flowers likely to be on the jeans.

The possibilities are endless from the jackets, shirts, trousers, and overalls. Stay trendy with a few of these.


Frayed and incomplete jeans are still a smart choice if you want an updated look. Some frayed and raw hems can accompany patched knee rips, or all round ripped jeans. Raw hems look even better if your jeans are slightly cropped. The hemline remains at the ankles.

This grungy style is likely to stick around too, like rips which have refused to go away.

Light Colored Denim

While the trend a few year ago was bold colored denim, today the lighter shades of blue, with a faded look are making a comeback. The designs feature bright shades, and some simulate a more faded look, but they are all resurrecting the classic jeans look.

These washes allow you to contrast with a pluckier top. These jean trend favors you if you are light colored. Medium washes look better with darker skin color. This trend is unlikely to become obsolete as it mimics the classic look albeit with a twist.

Loose Fit

The past few years have all been about tight fitting jeans, not so anymore. Designers realize that lose fitting jeans are more comfortable, and they ooze that relaxed look.

The loose fit is not as wide as previous loose fits and bell bottoms. This is a more practical straight fit that flatters your look without creating that rock star image associated with tight fitting jeans.

With this more comfortable fit, you get more mobility, if you want to look wow, wear these straight fit jeans with a fitting top.

White Jeans

White jeans add flavor and style to your wardrobe, they allow you more flexible combinations and get you that playboy look. If you worry about stains from splashes, a white denim jacket will also add zip to your wardrobe.

Stylish Jackets and Shirts

Another obvious trend taking shape is exotic coat designs. A Japanese style with slight washes is a great addition to your wardrobe. Coats are also coming out with more pockets and frayed collars. A stylish denim jacket will improve your wardrobe.

The most prevalent trend with denim shirts is badges. This time around they fit shirts, some mimic formal shirts with one pocket. They all ride just below the waistline and have come in the bold colors, the classic faded look, and different washes, and they have cool badges on their pockets.